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Please order food at the bar. Please note that all our food is freshly prepared to order, so at busy times please expect possible delays.

We will do our utmost to get your order to you as quickly as possible. Thankyou.

Please scroll to the bottom to see the MONDAY AND TUESDAY SPECIALS.

Light Bites

Sandwiches & Toasties £7.95

White or Granary Bread

Cheese, Cheese & Onion, Cheese & Ham, Tuna & Mayo,
Fish Finger, Chicken & Bacon, Ham, BLT, Chicken.

All Served with Salad Garnish, Crisps & Coleslaw.


Jacket Potato £8.50

Tuna & Mayo, Cheese & Beans, Chicken & Bacon,
Cajun Chicken

Cheese £7.95.

All Served with Salad and Coleslaw.

Homemade Chips £3.50

Cheesy Chips £4.50

Homemade Onion Rings £3.50

Garlic Bread £2.50

Cheesy Garlic Bread £3.00


All Burgers £12.95

6oz Cheese & Bacon

Choice of cheese: Blue or Brie

served with lettuce, tomato, homemade beer battered
onion rings, coleslaw & home made fries

Chicken, Cheese & Bacon Burger

served with lettuce, mayo & home made fries

Cajun Chicken Burger

served with lettuce, mayo & home made fries

Vegan Spicy Bean Burger

served with lettuce, tomato, red onion chutney
& home made fries

Butternut Squash, Goats Cheese & Beetroot Burger

served with lettuce, tomato, red onion chutney
& home made fries


Home Cooked Gammon Ham, 2 fried eggs or

3 Vegan Vegetable Sausages & salad
All served with homemade fries £11.95

Smaller portion £9.95

Cod & Chips

Served with petit pois & homemade fries £14.95

Whole Tail Scampi

Served with either salad or petit pois & homemade fries £14.95

Smaller portion £12.95

Seafood Basket

Butterfly breaded king prawns,
panko coated squid rings, salt & pepper squid chunks,
crispy cod bites, scampi & whitebait

served with homemade fries & tartare sauce £16.95

Homemade Beef, Bacon & Chorizo Lasagne

Served with salad & garlic bread £12.95

Smaller portion £10.95


Chicken Tikka Masalla Curry
served with garlic naan, mango chutney & basmati rice 


Vegan Sweet Potato, Chickpea & Spinach Curry

Chunky sweet potato, chickpeas and spinach in a rich coconut sauce served with garlic naan & basmati rice £12.95

Steak & Ale Pie

Served with mash or home made fries, peas and gravy £14.95

Trio of Burnham Bangers

Served with bubble and squeak and onion gravy £12.95

Trio of Burnham Bangers

with 2 eggs and home made fries £12.95



all £6.50

4 oz Burger & homemade fries

Chicken Nuggets & homemade fries

Giant Fish Finger served with peas or beans and homemade fries


A selection of desserts will be available on the day.
Please ask your server for more details.

Ice Cream £2.50

Black coffee, white coffee, caffe latte, espresso,
cappuccino, chocomilk, tea
All £2.95

Real hot chocolate £3.95


Cottage Pie & Peas,
Chicken Hotpot served with bread,
Cod Chunks, Chips & Peas

£5.95 each.



PLEASE NOTE:  For Sunday roasts

advanced booking is advisable.

Please call the pub to book: 01621 853249

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